Professional Services
Better Processes and Better Technology Bring Better Service
Seamless Collaboration

Drive growth and teamwork with an integrated, scalable solution that increases flexibility and tracking capabilities while improving communication.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

Leverage custom reports and personalized dashboards to gain meaningful insights & data analytics on work taking place in and out of the office.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

Retain great staff and hire the right talent by offering remote work flexibility from any device, while also having real-time information sharing capabilities.

Improve Customer Relationships

By automating business process your team will have more time to focus on capturing customer needs, learning behaviors, and resolving challenges.

Improved Reliability

Transform your business with an easy to deploy, single-source-of-truth that improves visibility & efficiency through better operations predictability & reporting.

Better Decision Making

Give your team enhanced reporting that easily visualizes operational impacts and allows for strategic, data-driven decisions focused on your goals & objectives.

  • Acumatica’s ERP project-centered solution is ideal for professional services because it efficiently manages customer contracts & service plans by determining the level of service & support to provide. Project billing is streamlined in one screen and allows you to confirm details and automatically generate status reports, plus time and materials invoices.

    Combining Lucentive with Acumatica allows you to better manage every critical aspect of a project or contract including budget, inventory, change orders, time sheets, profitability, & reporting by centralizing all information into one powerful solution.

  • Provide the best possible service by automating processes and ensuring projects are on time & within budget using Acumatica. The solution integrates and centralizes your financials, customer information, sales, and marketing.

    Our team can teach you how to use Acumatica to actively track customer contacts through searching, closing, and up-selling. Furthermore, you gain increased visibility of ground-level operations by having the capability to access historical views of all your team’s interactions and activities within the system.

  • Keep track of the project, and not all the paperwork, through accessibility of all documents and activities sent to customers via Acumatica’s integrated content management system. The solution also increases team & customer collaboration by automatically and electronically organizing & securing documentation.

    Your team can manage operations efficiently while allowing easy access to edit and distribute documents to other departments. Our team of experts will also help you set up user-based access to sales contracts, marketing offers, notes, emails, and other important and confidential communications.

  • Working with your team, we will help you configure Acumatica to send customized notifications across departments based on specific business activities. AI-powered automation allows you to better cultivate team and customer communication & collaboration by ensuring the right people receive the right information at the right time.

    Additionally, you can safeguard your processes by simplifying your supply chain, business transactions, and accounting activities through automated approval workflows that our Acumatica experts specifically design for your business needs.

  • Accelerate your data-driven decision making and reporting capabilities by selecting the dimensions and metrics that matter to you most and customizing Acumatica’s built-in data analytics and tools. Our expert consultants can help your team gain deeper insights into operations by configuring reports & dashboards ranging from your overall business to individual views based on departments and specific functions.

    Gain a single version of the truth with a fully integrated solution, with real-time insight accessible from anywhere. Your team can also easily create shareable custom reports, role-based reports, or multi-dimensional reports in multiple reporting format to increase visibility and communication amongst your team.

  • Acumatica future-proofs your business by providing real-time view of your day-to-day field operations anytime & anywhere. We can teach you how to manage daily tasks, such as starting service orders, capturing expense receipts, and completing orders from any device.

    Keep information and data constantly connected and at your fingertips to help eliminate errors in manually entered data, and save time & resources in fixing these errors. Increased user-ability and accessibility of information also empowers your business to become more efficient, leading to a better & faster ROI.

  • Capitalize on more than 25 years of experience from the Lucentive team. All of our expert consultants have decades of ERP, technology, and change management experience across a variety of industries – which we are happy to share with your team. We bring that experience from past implementation, upgrades, and support to help you gain a competitive advantage.

    We help clients leverage Acumatica, delivering the right resources with the right skills, so you can optimize operations and increase profitability. We are strong leaders in the industry who can help you meet the resource demands of today and anticipate, and prepare, for the demands of tomorrow.

  • We believe our success is dependent upon your success. Our goal is to empower you in transforming your business in the new digital economy by embracing cloud business management solutions. We want to help thrive, innovate, and deliver operational results to your bottom line.

    Working with Lucentive can help you become more responsive to market opportunities, strengthen relationships, and increase profitability. We do this through reducing technology costs, increasing your agility, and improving internal adoption of your digital transformations.

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