Transforming Operations with Technology

Flexible Production Methods

Boost efficiency with tech stack advice and multiple manufacturing methodologies like make-to-stock, project-centric, batch, configure-to-order, and more.

Inventory Optimization

A modernized integrated solution that gives full visibility of inventory to improve forecasting and reduce overstock or shortage issues.

Smarter Planning & Scheduling

Gain accurate sales forecast and error-free capacity requirements to eliminate lost revenue from long lead times or inefficient planning and scheduling.

Enhanced Reporting and Deep Analytics

Accelerate decision-making with reporting tools that deliver customized views of the overall business, along with focused views of departments and functions.

Anytime, Anywhere Access

Increase user-ability and 24/7 real-time access across all devices for a more efficient and productive business, leading to a higher return on investment.

25+ Years of Industry Experience With Lucentive

Remain digitally resilient by capitalizing on our team’s industry-specific expertise to help you streamline processes and deliver meaningful insights.

  • Manage and monitor your shop floor schedule with Acumatica’s easy to use, visual schedule board. We can help your team configure your scheduling requirements, so they are being met while also having the capability to adjust priorities, locate orders using filters, and identify orders based on color codes.

    Your team can also quickly identify if operations are moving efficiently by using finite scheduling so machines or work centers don’t overload. The solution allows you to plan for tooling constraints that might impact production or schedule specific machines based on their specific capabilities.

  • Transform business with Acumatica by integrating barcodes, scanners, & mobile devices into your manufacturing solution. Your team can automate shop floor processes, reduce errors, and streamline data gathered through printed barcoded reports and labels. Then, you can utilize these labels to scan material movement from raw material inventory into production, through downstream manufacturing operations, and into finished goods inventory when complete. We’ll help you leverage Acumatica so your staff can clock-in & out of jobs, capturing labor transactions that accurately update Work in Process.

  • Reduce costs & improve customer satisfaction by leveraging hands-free operations that efficiently manage advanced warehouse processes. Utilize Acumatica’s preprinted smart scan sheets, barcode scanning, and prioritized picking queues to increase warehousing productivity. Environmentally friendly processes allow you to streamline warehouse operations using paperless processes and directed picking from mobile scanners.

    Lucentive’s Acumatica experts work closely with you to help you increase efficiency through full automation of routine warehouse activities like picking, packaging, & transferring.

  • Combining our team’s expertise with Acumatica’s ERP software you can maintain ideal inventory and avoid shortages & stock-out situations that result in unnecessary and avoidable costs. You can accurately generate time-phased manufacturing and purchasing plans that are tied to forecasts and actual customer demands.

    Acumatica also provides effective exception reporting that responds to real-world changes and increases profits while providing greater visibility on orders to move in or move out, orders to cancel, and vendors you need to contact to expedite shipments.

  • Acumatica ERP software offers fully integrated BOM/Routing that improves scheduling, costing, and material planning. Our team can teach you to properly manage your supply chain by accurately aligning costs with estimates on materials. With this, you’re able to reduce or eliminate expensive rush orders and lost time waiting for supplies.

    Acumatica lets you effectively plan & manage inventories, costs, and manufacturing processes while giving you full revision control so you can track the entire evolution of a product. This includes multiple levels of BOM for engineering & costed views, as well as multiple costing methods and capabilities.

  • Acumatica supports you in efficiently responding to unexpected events or activities that adversely impact the shop floor. We can work with you to create customizable, real-time dashboards for meaningful insights with a total view of all costs, while transforming your business processes by viewing order shortages and create purchase orders all on one screen.

    Acumatica also enhances outside processing with better management of vendor deliveries and cost transactions for subcontractors. Scalable for any type of project and including a wide variety of labor costs definitions, your team even can track future revenues as projects progress.

    • Quotes
    • Sales orders
    • Shipments
    • Tracking prices
    • Discounts
    • Available inventory

    Acumatica’s cloud ERP helps automate and manage your sales ordering process right from order all the way to delivery. With access to enhanced data analytics that uncover real-time insights into hidden parts of your business, you will improve sales visibility and maintain better control. Lucentive’s Acumatica experts can help you increase operational efficiencies and gain that competitive edge by leveraging artificial intelligence with machine learning.

  • We work with your team to control costs, drive efficiency, and grow your business through automation and a centralized location that can effectively manage all your global purchasing processes. Acumatica lets you oversee your purchase orders while increasing productivity and saving time by automating your entire procurement process.

    In addition, we can create a robust supplier database for you that improves resource planning, optimizes supplier relationships, and improves communication.

  • Capitalize on more than 25 years of experience from the Lucentive team. All of our expert consultants have decades of ERP, technology, and change management experience across a variety of industries – which we are happy to share with your team. We bring that experience from past implementation, upgrades, and support to help you gain a competitive advantage.

    We help clients leverage Acumatica, delivering the right resources with the right skills, so you can optimize operations and increase profitability. We are strong leaders in the industry who can help you meet the resource demands of today and anticipate, and prepare, for the demands of tomorrow.

  • We believe our success is dependent upon your success. Our goal is to empower you in transforming your business in the new digital economy by embracing cloud business management solutions. We want to help thrive, innovate, and deliver operational results to your bottom line.

    Working with Lucentive can help you become more responsive to market opportunities, strengthen relationships, and increase profitability. We do this through reducing technology costs, increasing your agility, and improving internal adoption of your digital transformations.

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