Warehouses, Forecasts, and KPIs are Much Easier with the Right Technology.

Optimized Warehouse Management

Drive productivity through time & cost savings using instant alerts for ordering, and real-time information & reporting on warehouse activity.

Improved Operations with Barcode Scanners and Personalized Workflows

Increase productivity, innovation, and return on investment by automating and streamlining core warehouse functions, like picking, packaging, and transferring.

Streamlined Sales Order Management

Automation tools create integrated sales workflows and processes that save time and resources, while improving communications and customer experience.

Key Performance Indicators Ready

Customizable and meaningful dashboards & reports with KPIs that matter, including inventory turnover ratio, on-time shipping ratio, and profitability by item.

Accurate Forecasting in Inventory Management

Manage costs accurately across all warehouses, no matter their location, using multiple valuation methods and viewing real-time product availability.

Boost Employee Satisfaction

Leverage our team’s extensive distribution knowledge and the best business management solution to allow staff to manage the sales cycle remotely or in the office.

  • Acumatica Distribution ERP is built to simplify distribution processes. We teach clients how to leverage the solution so they can eliminate paperwork and duplicate data entry, while simplifying complex relationships, such as internal & external customers who each could have multiple products and suppliers. Using prebuilt workflows, your team can minimize distribution delays and maximize efficiency with automatic alerts notifying staff as soon as action is needed, as well as transferring successful bids into purchase orders.

    With Acumatica, the entire requisition process is optimized & streamlined, automating the following:

    • Gathering requests
    • Obtaining bids
    • Creating and approving sales quotes & purchase orders
    • Vendor bidding
    • Fulfilling orders for every client’s needs

  • Acumatica’s distribution management solution can fulfill large shipment volumes with predefined packing rules for specific products. You can seamlessly manage shipments with several provides, including FedEx, UPS, Stamps.com, USPS, and LTL carriers. It will automatically determine packaging, generate labels, and confirm shipments for multiple orders with just a few clicks.

    Our team will help you set up automated, faster ordering so that your team can enjoy higher customer satisfaction with less shipping errors and improved real-time shipment tracking.

  • Acumatica sends email and text notifications that offer a personalized and tailored customer service interaction that’s triggered via specific activities or events. These notifications can automate administrative tasks and are sent directly to customers when Sales Orders change Status. The emails include shipment tracking numbers when sales orders go from ‘Open’ to ‘Shipped’ so orders can accurately be tracked instantly, saving time, and boosting both productivity and customer relations. We help clients leverage customer notifications so that communication is kept clear and constant.

  • Acumatica’s Distribution ERP effectively manages all inventory by creating a warehouse structure using inventory bins and location controls. For each warehouse location, you have the flexibility to choose the types of items and transactions, like the picking priority, cost of items, and cost by bin and allocation.

    Acumatica provides strong editing capabilities and a complete audit trail of all inventory movements. Users can easily drill down and modify lot/serial numbers, valuation methods, accounts, and more, while limiting the ability to edit past inventory transactions and activities.

  • 360-degree visibility into your warehouse activity helps balance supply & demand, improving inventory processes through flexible location and enhanced item management. Acumatica allows you to effectively track inventory by lot or serial number that is assigned or entered manually when you receive, issue, or assemble inventory items. These numbers are then included on smart scan sheets, simplifying picking by only needing a phone/tablet, and increasing accuracy by verifying each order.

    We work with clients to automate data capture and routine picking, packaging, etc., so your team can leverage workflows customized to your warehouse. Enhanced traceability of specific costs is also possible by linking serial numbers to item-specific valuation methods.

  • In 2-steps, you can initiate manual or automatic transactions and inventory transfers using Acumatica’s optimized Warehouse Management System. The first step removes inventory from warehouse and adds inventory into Goods in Transit GL account. Once items arrive, the second step deducts Goods in Transit, and increases the receiving warehouse quantity.

    Our consultants help you leverage Acumatica to keep your inventory data accurate and timely, so that all inventory availability, including real-time reporting, is automatically updated based on the new warehouse location settings.

  • Reduce ordering costs and improve customer relationships using Acumatica by generating purchase orders based on inventory stock level and machine-learning replenishment algorithms. The solution allows you to configure automatic order placement with qualified vendors that matches your pricing and delivery requirements, eliminating unnecessary steps and triggering alerts during order processing to keep things moving.

    Our team works with you to create innovative, highly customized but easy-to-use, approval workflows for various order rules specific to order types, vendors, amounts, and more. This also creates an audit trail of all transactions with user IDs, notes, and attachments as needed.

  • With Acumatica’s fully integrated solution, you have more organization and the capability to operate a complete purchase ordering system that can issue partial, complete, or consolidated receipts. You have the option of tracking when purchase orders are fully or only partially received, as well as what specific warehouse location the order was received in. Furthermore, there is high flexibility in terms of modifying costs during invoicing which are then automatically adjusted and pulled through into GL so no costs are miscounted.

  • Acumatica simplifies the management of complex pricing and discount policies that include volume discounts and multiple discounts per item. You can establish flexible customer and vendor pricing and discounts in a variety of currencies based on quantity, volume, item, or group of items – all of which can be applied automatically. Our team can also get you set up and help maintain policies for price overrides or specific warehouse pricing. If needed, you can also apply prices based on the number of items sold.

  • Our team of experts will help you simplify complex approval processes and create flexible, customized digital workflow rules that meet your exact needs. You can mimic your business’s mission essential processes by configuring Acumatica’s approval maps for almost any data entry screen.

    To help streamline your workflows and approvals even more, you can set up action buttons or user-defined fields, bypass certain workflow steps, add an additional approver for large bills, and create notifications or escalation paths for approvals that may be taking too long.

  • Improve visibility of order shipments and eliminate delays by utilizing Acumatica’s built-in integration capabilities with USPS. This integration provides up-to-date freight costs for each shipment your company handles. As well, it automatically prints carrier labels and tracks shipments using tracking numbers provided by the carrier. Acumatica’s USPS integration for rates, destinations, and services is available for distribution companies located in the U.S. only.

  • Capitalize on more than 25 years of experience from the Lucentive team. All of our expert consultants have decades of ERP, technology, and change management experience across a variety of industries – which we are happy to share with your team. We bring that experience from past implementation, upgrades, and support to help you gain a competitive advantage.

    We help clients leverage Acumatica, delivering the right resources with the right skills, so you can optimize operations and increase profitability. We are strong leaders in the industry who can help you meet the resource demands of today and anticipate, and prepare, for the demands of tomorrow.

  • We believe our success is dependent upon your success. Our goal is to empower you in transforming your business in the new digital economy by embracing cloud business management solutions. We want to help thrive, innovate, and deliver operational results to your bottom line.

    Working with Lucentive can help you become more responsive to market opportunities, strengthen relationships, and increase profitability. We do this through reducing technology costs, increasing your agility, and improving internal adoption of your digital transformations.

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